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[Notice] Forum Rules & General FAQ


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Forum Rules

* For English Forums

  • No Advertising. (Please contact a moderator)
  • No Flaming.*
  • No spam (i.e. meaningless) posts.*
  • Repost contents should be quoted with credit.
  • Adult images should not be posted with img tags. Use url tag instead.
  • Strictly one account per natural person only.
  • Signature images must be smaller than 200 KB.
  • English translation must be included for contents in non-English languages.

  * Flaming generally means "insulting other members".
     You can express opinions, but no personal attack are allowed.
     Do not use any offensive words like f*** or otherwise implying racism.

  * Meaningless posts include:
     Copying other member's posts.
     Posts with only smiley icons/witty remarks.
     Short "Thank you" sentences.
     Reply that is not related to the thread.
     One-liners.(Judged by moderators/administrators)

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General FAQ:

  • Is there an English interface?
    It takes too much effort so we decided to make an English site instead. Please visit www.mikocon.com
    Or you can try Google Chrome for translation.

  • How can I get DB?
    Write an introduction./ Discuss in the English Forums. / Take part in forum events. /Share your games, animes,etc.
    Here's a simple guide for a daily login task.

  • May I post in the other sections of forums?
    You can, but not suggested. You might be offending other forums' rules.(Read them first if you can.)
    It's OK to reply "thank you" posts in those release forums to get download link in those hidden threads.
    However, you won't get any DB for replying in those forums.

  • Why can't I reply some threads in the release sections?
    They are locked. Most threads are automatically locked 20 days after posting.

  • Will I be rewarded for writing game introduction/walkthough/review etc?
    Yes, DB is given according to the quality of the post, usually 5-30DB.

  • How can I become a VIP member?
    Due to high risk of accepting Paypal payments directly, we currently only allow donation by BitCoin or WebMoney.
    We also accept VIP membership by purchasing Bitshare, Rapidgator or Ryushare premium accounts via 2DJGAME affiliated links.
    Please Contact Claus for more information.

  • Why was my thread locked for no reason?
    Threads in this forum are auto-locked 45 days without any reply.

  • Why does the upload function(avatar, attachment or pictures) not work?
    Browsing via HTTPS, you might have the problem. The reason is still unknown but it does happen sometimes...
    If you got an error uploading, it might be a better idea to use another browser to upload.
    I've tested common browsers(IE, FX, Chrome, Opera) but they all work fine on my end, so I can't say which browser is best...

  • Maximum size of Avatar?
    130*200, avatars larger than that will be resized.

  • Maximum height for Signature Picture?
    400px. Pictures higher than 400px will be cut automatically.

  • I have other questions...
    You can either ask in this thread or start a new one. Your posts in this thread will be deleted once your questions get answered.

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